How to Create an Online Business Listing

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Online business listing is the process of claiming your business on various directories. These directories include Google, Yelp, Bing, and Yellow Pages.

The top online business listings have more information than your average print ad. For example, the Woburn Library’s Google listing includes reviews and photos from customers.

Businesses that neglect online business listings can miss out on potential customers. However, managing business listings isn’t difficult or expensive.

Google My Business

Google My Business (GBP) is a free tool that puts you in control of your business’s online presence and helps searchers find and engage with your company. You can use GBP on desktop or mobile, and it’s easy to set up, claim, verify, and optimize your listing. It’s important to update your listings often, as Google will penalize a business for inconsistent information.

First, create a business profile by entering your company’s name and location. You’ll need to create a separate account if you want to manage multiple locations. Once you’ve verified your account, you can edit your profile by logging in to the Google account that’s linked to your business. You can also access your listing from the Google Maps app or in Google search.

A complete GBP profile will include a logo, contact information, operating hours, and photos. It’s important to upload high-quality photos that reflect your brand. The cover photo feature is an especially effective way to draw attention to your listing. You can also add a business description to help customers decide whether or not to visit your store.

In addition to NAP information, GBP profiles can be optimized by specifying service areas and adding a curated list of products. These updates are known as Google Posts and help increase relevancy. They can be scheduled using the GMB dashboard, and you can even add them from a third-party platform like Social Media Poster.


A free business listing on Yelp can be a huge benefit for your business. You can upload photos, include your website and phone number, and respond to reviews from customers. You can also create a link to your Yelp page from your website. Make sure to keep your information updated, especially when you change your hours of operation. If you don’t, your visitors may assume that your business is closed.

Once you’ve registered for a business account, enter your company’s name and follow the on-screen prompts to claim your Yelp page. Once you’ve verified your identity, you can manage your profile and add photos to your listing. Adding photos will increase your chances of showing up in relevant searches. Be sure to caption your photos, so people can see what you have to offer.

While some small businesses choose not to create a Yelp page, the platform is searched by consumers looking for all types of goods and services. It’s important to have a presence on Yelp, because consumers look at the reviews and ratings of other users to determine whether or not they can trust a business. Creating an online business listing on Yelp is simple and will help you grow your brand. Despite its initial success, Yelp has struggled with growth and profitability. It has been under pressure from investors and has had to lay off employees.

Bing Business Listings

Bing Business Listings is a service that allows businesses to manage their local listings on Microsoft’s search engine Bing. This service is free and can help you get more online customers. Adding your business to Bing is easy, but it is important to keep in mind that you must verify your listing before you can make changes. Once your listing is verified, you can add photos and other details to attract more potential customers.

To create a Bing Business Listing, visit the Bing website and enter your business name, phone number, address, and website domain. You can also select a category and enter a description. Once you’ve entered your information, click “Submit.” Then, you can choose whether to verify the listing via email, phone call, or SMS. If you choose to verify by SMS, you will receive a PIN that you need to enter in your profile.

It’s important to update your Bing Business Listing regularly. According to Ahrefs, most searches on Bing are navigational, and a strong business listing can help your site rank higher in these types of searches. In addition, a well-optimized listing can attract more customers to your business and increase sales. To maximize your chances of getting a good Bing business listing, be sure to include your company name and contact information, location and hours, photos and videos, and links to other sites.

Yellow Pages

When it comes to promoting your local business, it’s important to use the right keywords in your business listing. This will ensure that your listings appear in searches for specific products or services. It’s also a good idea to include your phone number and website URL in your business listing. This will help potential customers get in touch with you.

In addition to online listings, Yellow Pages publishes printed directories that contain information on residential and commercial establishments. They are often distributed by local telephone companies. These books are usually sorted by geographic area. The publisher profits from selling advertising space, either as a full page or half-page ad. The prices vary, depending on the size of the directory and the type of business.

While Yellow Pages is no longer the go-to source for finding businesses, it can still be an effective marketing tool for some small businesses. This is especially true for those that target older demographics, since many people still rely on the phone book to find businesses.

To create a listing, visit the Yellow Pages homepage and scroll down to the box with “People Search”. Enter your first name, last name, and business phone number into the boxes. Then, click on the yellow Get Your Free Listing button. Once you’ve filled out the form, Yellow Pages will call your business and verify your listing.